PotCon: Hermetic Wire Feedthrough

The PotCon® line of hermetic feedthroughs incorporates standard connectors and wire harnesses in a single, fully-sealed housing. PotCon features circuits that can disconnect at the pressure bulkhead or vacuum Portplate, allowing for easy mating and un-mating.

The PotCon hermetic seals can be used on a wide range of connectors including:

  • Common military connectors including: Mil-C-5015, Mil-C-38999, Mil-C-26482, Mil-C-24308, Mil-DTL-83513, Mil-DTL-32139 and more.
  • Plastic connectors from manufacturers like Tyco, Molex, Souriau, Amphenol and more.
  • D-Sub connectors including regular and standard density (HDM), high density (HDD), Micro-D and Nano-D configurations.
  • Coaxial connectors including 10-32, BNC, MCX, MHV, Type N, SHV, SMA, SMC, TNC, UHF and more.
  • Capability to turn IP68 waterproof connectors from Brad Harrison, Mencom, Fischer and Lemo into fully hermetic PotCons.
  • Waterproof.
  • Thermocouple.
  • High current and high voltage.

Sample configurations:

  • Connector-to-connector - connectors on both sides of the hermetic seal.
  • Connector-to-wire - connector on one side of the hermetic seal and simple wire or complex cable harnessing on the other side.
  • Connector-to-terminal - connector on one side of the hermetic seal and solder cups, PCB pin-header or pogo-pins on the other.
  • PotCon hermetic connectors are 100% electrically and hermetically tested to ensure the highest quality. PotCon seals can perform in high voltage (30kV), high pressure (15,000 psi) and high vacuum (1x10-10 Torr) environments.



PotCon PBTR is our most common PotCon series. Either ordered through our catalog or custom configured, the mating capability of these hermetically sealed connectors has proven valuable in the space simulation field where bench top testing is a key requirement. Connectors can be clocked at the customer's discretion, and these connectors are available in thermocouple configurations. View Specifications.

hermetic wire freedthrough

PotCon RBTR connectors have pin receptacles on the atmosphere side and socket receptacles on the vacuum side. The RBTR is available in standard catalog configurations, custom configurations, thermocouple contacts and variable clockings. View Specifications.

hermetic wire feedthrough

PotCon RBTW models provide the best of both connectorized and hermetic wire feedthrough solutions. It freely combines quick connection and disconnection points.  Custom configuration connectors can be clocked at the customer's discretion and are available in thermocouple configurations.
View Specifications.

hermetic wire feedthrough

PotCon hermetic backpotting for plastic connectors provide a low cost, end-to-end solution for containment of dielectric oil.

hermetic wire feedthrough

PotCon waterproof hermetic NPT is a Brad Harrison-style NPT solution that provides both waterproof connectorization and hermetic mounting.

hermetic wire feedthrough

PotCon high-frequency coaxial is our 8 GHz SMA solution.

hermetic wire feedthrough

Custom PotCon RFW application required a 3 X D-Sub connector and 3x coaxial connector inside a 2 ¾ conflat flange. Our unique potting extension solved our customer’s fit problem when simple geometry failed.

hermetic wire feedthrough

Custom PotCon D-Sub configuration uses a specialty flange and low outgassing gold-plated D-subs.

hermetic wire feedthrough

PotCon Cat6 network connector is a high-frequency PotCon developed to support glove box computer communications.

hermetic wire feedthrough

PotCon 120 volt hermetic electrical feedthrough offers quick and easy power connections. Similar convenience feedthroughs are also available in wire feedthrough and hybrid configurations.

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Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

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