Pioneered by Douglas Electrical, Portplate systems are fully assembled and pre-tested for ready-to-pump convenience. They can be provided with or without hermetically sealed connectors and are shipped as ready-to-install assemblies.

Portplate assemblies are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 48 inches in diameter and offer full strain relief. We also offer vacuum outgassing bake-out for components or entire units.

Reduce troubleshooting costs.  Multiple feedthroughs on a single plate minimizes the time and costs associated with troubleshooting and testing.

Accommodate any configuration. Portplates are available to accommodate  mixed configurations of feedthroughs including Ductorseal®, StudSeal™, Optiseal™ and PotCon®.

Download Our White Paper: Portplate Challenges on the NASA SSC A-3 Test Stand

Sample configurations:

Compact Portplate assemblies operate within tight space constraints thanks to the high conductor density of our epoxy sealing technologies. Small vacuum chambers with limitations in the number and size of ports are prime example.

Mixed-use Portplate assembly combines DuctorSeal thermocouple vacuum feedthroughs, circular mil-Spec PotCon connectors, high-frequency SMA PotCons and D-Sub PotCons.

Basic multi-connector PotCon flange provides multiple quick electrical connection points through a single bulkhead hold. This basic design is compatible with a wide variety of electrical bulkhead connectors and flanges.

RBTW Portplates can be harnessed with pre-terminated patch panels.

Alternatives to aluminum and steel plates include dielectric materials such as G10 Garolite.

NASA A3 test stand Portplate, one of our most complex designs to date, contain 296 DuctorSeal feedthroughs and more than 230 feet of cable. This Portplate design weighs more than 5,000 lbs.

StudSeal Portplate assemblies see use in compressors and other industrial applications.

Custom flange Portplates such as this 100-pin Micro-D RFW design, address a wide range of technical requirements.

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