Hermetically Sealed Cable Harnesses

Hermetically Sealed Cable Harnesses

Engineered and manufactured to UL standards by IPC-620 certified technicians, our hermetically sealed cable harnesses assemblies serve in military, aerospace, space simulation and semiconductor applications. Our portfolio of epoxy potting materials and overmolded rubbers meet high wire harness standards and can meet a variety of technical needs, including:

  • High-voltage protection.
  • Explosion proofing to ATX, UL, IEC and CSA certifications.
  • Ruggedizing to military and marine specifications.
  • Low outgassing for vacuum use.

All of our custom hermetic cable harnesses, sealed electrical connectors, and cable seals are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and compliance standards. Harnesses and cable entry seals are 100% electrically tested before leaving our facility. And we can design and deliver a hermetically sealed military cable harness that complies with ITAR, DDTC, DFARS, Conflict Minerals, ROHS and UL requirements.


Sample Configurations Of Military Cable Harnesses:

Overmolded underground harness for direct burial electrical equipment features a waterproof sealed bulkhead connector assembly with epoxy strain relief and a tapered pin design.

Space simulation harness uses low outgassing materials and construction techniques to ensure vacuum chamber cleanliness. Low outgassing assemblies are cleaned and baked out prior to delivery.

Military LED harness assembly has been ruggedized with an epoxy backpotting operation.

Right angle backpotted harness provides environmental protection when space is tight.

Military Y-breakout hybrid harness contains fiberoptic, coaxial and D38999 components, all overmolded with rubber to meet geometry, flexibility and water-resistance requirements.

Legacy cable harness is epoxy backpotted, transforming it into a hermetically sealed assembly with a leakage rate less than 1 x 10-9 cc-He/sec.

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Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

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