Wire Bushings For Hazardous Locations

To design safe electrical systems for hazardous locations, you’ll have to pay close attention to each and every electrical component that you use—including any wire bushings.

It may be easy to overlook these bushings or conduit sealing hubs since they’re typically just one, seemingly minor part of a more complex electrical system. But these components actually play an outsized safety role in hazardous areas. Applications ranging from liquid natural gas (LNG) handling to factories with combustible dust all have a need to prevent leaks around wires that pass through pressure walls, ensuring safety and compliance with agency requirements.

In the past, it was difficult to find feedthroughs and wire or line bushings that you could customize to your needs while meeting UL and other compliance standards for hazardous locations. Now, however, there’s an approach to feedthrough and wire bushing design that makes it far easier to meet all the relevant regulations without sacrificing design freedom. The key to this approach involves the use of epoxies to create hermetic seals around the wires.

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Wire Bushings for Hazardous Locations White Paper

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