Battery Sealing Strategies

Hermetic epoxy seals protect lithium ion batteries

Whether they take to the streets in electric vehicles or stand still in energy storage systems, lithium-based battery modules pose a tough challenge from a wire sealing standpoint. Modern battery modules have a variety of power and signal conductors running between their individual electrochemical cells and through the battery pack’s exterior casing.

 Increasingly, battery makers are looking to epoxy-based feedthroughs as an alternative to glass-to-metal seals. Epoxies have a unique balance of mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical-resistance properties that make them a good fit for battery sealing applications.

Check out our latest paper to learn how to incorporate hermetic power and signal feedthroughs into modern battery modules.

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Space Simulation

Feedthrough designs allow easy connection to existing instrumentation

Space simulation facilities have the most challenging technical requirements and delivery time constraints of any type of vacuum system. That’s why every major space simulation facility in North America depends on our OptiSealTM, PotCon® and ductorseal hardwired feedthroughs.

A broad range of design options include high-density wire harness packages and in-line quick disconnects, like our PBTR PotCon, that allow easy testing via existing instrument connectors.


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