OptiSeal: Hermetic Cable Seals

With Douglas Electrical Component's OptiSeal™, fiber optic feedthroughs and connectors are available as a pre-wired, pre-tested interconnecting harnesses.

Choose any combination of optical fibers you need. A feedthrough harness can contain a mixture of copper wires, fiber optic cables, thermocouples, power cables, shielded pairs, triplets and quads.

Sealed cables can be grouped without having to allocate circuits based on connector pin sizes, counts, insert arrangements, polarization and clocking.

Sample configurations of our cable entry seals:

hermetic cable seals

Vacuum OptiSeal keeps leakage rates below 1X10-9 cc-He/sec while maximizing data transfer rates.

hermetic cable seals

Simple OptiSeal feedthrough contains hazardous materials in glove box applications and can be constructed with multi-mode, single-mode, simplex, duplex, acrylate-cladded, polyimide cladded, plastic or custom fiber configurations.

hermetic cable seals

Explosion proof OptiSeal hermetic cable seals hermetically seals performance monitoring connections in hydrogen-filled power generators.

hermetic cable seals

OptiSeal PotCon® feedthrough brings the benefits of our hermetic connector technology to fiber optic applications. This example, which is used in a military vehicle hydraulic fluid monitoring system, features a dual radial o-ring design for ease of installation and operation above 5,000 psi.

hermetic cable seals

Cabled OptiSeal allows cables with outdoor-rated jacketing on one side and individual optical fibers on the other side.

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Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

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