(RANDOLPH, N.J.: January 26, 2012) Specifically designed to meet the power and control requirements for high-voltage imaging technology used in medical applications, Douglas Electrical Components hermetic seals and connectors provide reliable, highly engineered solutions for passing signals into and out of sealed X-ray tube enclosures.

Powering an X-ray tube requires relatively large amounts of electricity to pass through a dielectric fluid, which prevents heat damage by providing both insulation and cooling. To deliver power to the tube without risk of fluid leakage, Douglas Electrical Components has developed a broad range of cost-effective, ultra-high integrity hermetic seals and feedthroughs custom-engineered to meet the unique requirements of medical imaging equipment, including installation geometry, high-voltage, high-power and fluid-sealing needs. These components are designed to provide optimal tube operation and longevity while minimizing installation time and complexity.

DECo can seal virtually any size or style stud in a housing of the customer’s choice, from low-volume R&D quantities to hundreds of thousands per year. While similar industry feedthroughs typically only offer threaded metal housing solutions, DECo can provide epoxy-based radial o-ring solutions that don’t require threading, resulting in increased value through faster installation at a lower cost.

Specifying and designing these connectors requires familiarity with a range of solutions and feedthrough technology. These solutions may include the following components:

  • BNC connector backpotting
  • Custom wire harness solutions
  • Direct hermetic sealing of ribbon cable
  • Plastic connector hermetic backpotting
  • Three conductor radial o-ring and snap ring feedthrough
  • Sealing of lead wires thru the wall of x-ray heads

For additional information on DECo solutions, including product brochures and videos, please visit http://www.douglaselectrical.com.

For sales and marketing information, contact Cindi Telep, director of customer relations, DECo, by phone at (973) 627 8230, or by e-mail at ctelep@douglaselectrical.com.

About Douglas Electrical Components

Founded in 1945, Douglas Electrical Components, Inc. (DECo) is a third generation, family-owned company that pioneered the development and practical application of epoxy technology to electrical wire feedthroughs. DECo offers proven solutions and works with customers to develop high quality products for their conductor sealing needs.

DECo is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of UL- approved electrical and fiber optic feedthroughs, hermetically sealed connectors and cables, explosion proof wire assemblies and turnkey subassemblies for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Major markets served include automotive, magnetic bearing, power generation and distribution, semiconductor processing, space simulation, military, alternative energy, air conditioning and refrigeration, X-ray, explosion- proof, oil and gas exploration.

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