Customized potted passthroughs offer pin-to-socket configurations for regular mating

(RANDOLPH, N.J.: April 16, 2009) Douglas Electrical Components (DECo) introduces its PotCon® line of hermetic feedthroughs, which incorporate standard connectors and/or wire harnesses in a single, fully-sealed housing. The PotCon product family features disconnectable circuits at the pressure bulkhead or vacuum port plate, which allow for easy mating and unmating.

DECo manufactures over one thousand different varieties of PotCon connectors for vacuum, pressure and environmental containment. These feedthroughs are capable of the standard pin-to-pin or socket-to-socket configurations, but also offer a unique pin-to-socket design. This feature allows for easy bench top testing. Another unique feature offered by the PotCon line is the connector-to-wire configuration, which is available in addition to standard connector-to-connector and connector-to-solder cup designs.

"By providing a mated solution that uses the same connection in the vacuum chamber as on the bench, the PotCon feedthroughs facilitate bench top testing prior to installation in the vacuum chamber, minimizing the risk of project failures that may arise," said Ed Douglas, president of DECo. "In vacuum chamber applications, regular mating and unmating is common, and a typical wire harness solution makes that operation very cumbersome. With the PotCon connectors, customers can do dry run testing through the same connections without having the vacuum bulkhead present. This also saves undue wear on the actual installed wiring into the chamber, which can stay intact."

PotCon feedthroughs may be specified and sealed to the housing for reliable mounting. The sealing technology employed allows customers to specify virtually any connector from any manufacturer and have it sealed in either a custom or standard fitting of their choosing. Pre-tested, vacuum outgassed and ready to install, PotCon solutions can seal a variety of connectors, including Mil-C series, circular plastic, sub-D (including standard density and micro-D), coaxial, waterproof, thermocouple, high-current and high-voltage.

PotCon feedthroughs are most often used in space simulation, semiconductor manufacturing and glovebox applications. Testing conducted on these feedthroughs and optional mating connector/cable sets includes Helium Mass Spectrometry Leak Detection to an allowable leak rate of 1.0 x 10^-10 sccm He/second, electrical hi-pot tests up to 30KV and electrical continuity.

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Founded in 1945, Douglas Electrical Components, Inc. (DECo) is a third generation, family-owned company that pioneered the development and practical application of epoxy technology to electrical wire feedthroughs. DECo offers proven solutions and works with customers to develop high quality products for their conductor sealing needs.

DECo is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of UL- approved electrical and fiber optic feedthroughs, hermetically sealed connectors and cables, explosion proof wire assemblies and turnkey subassemblies for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Major markets served include automotive, magnetic bearing, power generation and distribution, semiconductor processing, space simulation, military, alternative energy, air conditioning and refrigeration, X-ray, explosion- proof, oil and gas exploration, and glovebox.

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