Douglas Electrical Components is proud to announce our acquisition of a third CNC cutting machine, the 20mm TSUGAMI precision auto lathe. The lathe will enable us to work more efficiently than ever before by producing the copper studs for our StudSeal product line in house rather than outsourcing their production. This will allow us to lower costs and order completion timelines by maintaining a higher inventory of standard sizes or getting right to work on custom projects.

The TSUGAMI lathe offers five linear cutting axes and two circular axes, allowing for nearly unlimited function when compared to less versatile lathes. The tool offers further functions of the ability to work in either chuck or spindle mode, and uses 21 different cutting tools for a wide variety of over, under, internal, and external cuts. It runs two cutting tools simultaneously to improve efficiency, effectively doubling the speed of production versus a single cutter machine. These options allow for a variety of cutting projects during mass production, but also allows for inexpensive design and build of custom and prototype projects. The new TSUGAMI lathe is, in addition to the two existing CNC lathes we currently utilize will offer several improvements. The computerized technology of CNC machines allows us to speed up production, reduce component variability and reduce turnaround time. Because the computerized machines are run by highly skilled and trained engineering technicians who are well versed in our facility’s best practices, we receive machined components ideal for our needs. Along with the versatility of the new machine, we plan to be able to up the rate of production for our standard products while also being equipped for a larger range of customized projects according to the specific needs of each of our clients.

The new TSUGAMI is part of our ongoing efforts toward improving the services we provide. For 75 years we've built fiber optic, power interconnect, and signal connect components for a variety of our nation’s most critical manufacturing sectors. 

At Douglas Electrical Components, we take great pride in the quality of our work and the ability to fulfill client needs. We strive not only to remain current with modern technologies and growing expectations of the fields which use our products, but to stay ahead of predictable needs as those fields make advances and new discoveries. The components we design and build are meant to be durable and efficient, so the people who use them in their projects don't have to be concerned that a connector might be the weak point in their own product's quality. Our two existing CNC cutting machines have filled such a goal over the last five years, the new TSUGAMI lathe is proof positive of how we continue to advance our own capabilities to keep up with the growing demands of the market.


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