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Douglas Electrical Components, Inc. will be attending the American Glovebox Society Conference, taking place July 22-24 in Boston. The American Glovebox Society (AGS)  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the safety and quality of glovebox systems. This conference, held at the Westin Boston Waterfront, brings together industry leaders and vendors for workshops, technical sessions, and hands-on training.

Gloveboxes are designed to shield workers from exposure to dangerous radiation. Keynote speaker and Oak Ridge Historian Ray Smith will present at the conference about the Manhattan Project and technological advances that followed the era. Breakout sessions will provide specialized training and key insights into the containment and shielding of radioactive material. AGS continuing education credits are available to attendees who complete training.

(caption “Pictured Above: Unique “pushthrough” feedthrough solution developed for Glovebox use”)

Topics including Radiation Basics, Radiopharmaceuticals, Designing Shielded Glove Boxes, and Hot Cells, and Manipulor Testing will be covered by a panel of industry presenters. Technical sessions are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday during the conference and include topics such as Cold Testing Glovebox Process Equipment, Balancing Dose Reduction from Shielding and the Impact on Workplace Ergonomics, and Results of Bubbler Flow Testing. Visitors to the American Glovebox Society Conference will be able to see Douglas Electrical Components at their exhibition booth #304. Attendees who visit the exhibit booths will be eligible to win Beats headphones (must be present to win).

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Founded in 1944, Douglas Electrical Components is a third-generation, family-owned company that supplies hermetically sealed epoxy filled electrical feed-throughs to partners around the globe. Douglas Electrical Components is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of UL-approved electrical and fiber optic feedthroughs, explosion proof wire assemblies, and turnkey assemblies. For more information about the conference, visit https://www.gloveboxsociety.org/conference.html.

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