Space Simulation

Feedthrough designs allow easy connection to existing instrumentation

Space simulation facilities have the most challenging technical requirements and delivery time constraints of any type of vacuum system. That's why every major space simulation facility in the world depends on our DuctorSeal®, PotCon® and hardwired feedthroughs. A broad range of design options include high-density wire harness packages and in-line quick disconnects, like our PBTR PotCon, that allow easy testing via existing instrument connectors. Expedited shipping options are also available.

Ideal Applications

  • Fiber optic vacuum seal using a combination of multimode and single-mode fibers sealed in a conflat flange.
  • Non-hermetic cable harness assemblies for bench-top and in-vacuum use, built by our IPC-620 certified technicians.
  • Common configurations include multi-breakout, fused, filtered and shielded harnessing.
  • DuctorSeal thermocouple feedthroughs provide direct point-to-point wiring for the most precise thermal measurements.
  • Multi-connector PotCon Portplate flanges ship fully tested and ready to bolt onto the vacuum chamber. They achieve multiple quick electrical connection points through a single bulkhead hole with configurations for any connector or flange.
  • Complete NASA SSC A3 test stand Portplate assemblies, which can support more than 1,300 DuctorSeal and 40 PotCon discrete feedthroughs.
  • Mixed bundle DuctorSeal feedthrough for signal, thermocouple and power lines through a single vacuum chamber penetration.
  • Micro-D AlBeMet plate assembly for flight application.
  • RF-sealed PotCons for EMI chambers.
  • Cryogenic designs for temperatures down to -270°C (3 K).

Technical Advantages

  • Drop-in replacements to Deutsch DM5623 connectors.
  • Products include DuctorSeal, PotCon, OptiSeal™, StudSeal™, CircuitSeal™ and non-hermetic cable harnesses.
  • High frequency designs exceeding 18GHz.
  • High voltage designs exceeding 30kV.
  • Vacuum bake-out services available.
  • NASA certified low outgassing epoxy tested per ASTM E-595-93 (0.33% TML. 0.00% CVCM).
  • DuctorSeal hermetic feedthroughs seal directly to stranded wire, shielded cable, multi-conductor cable and thermocouple wires, minimizing voltage drops at connection points and a reducing the chance of wiring mistakes.
  • Connectors that can be hermetically-sealed include:
    • Industrial connectors from Amphenol, ITT, Tyco, Molex, Lemo and more.
    • Common Mil-Spec connectors such as Mil-C-5015, Mil-C-38999, Mil-C-26482, Mil-C-24308 (HDM and HDD D-Sub), Mil-DTL-83513 (Micro-D) and Mil-DTL-32139 (Nano-D).


White Paper:

The Six Challenges Of Specifying And Procuring Hermetic Feedthroughs For Space Simulation

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