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Hermetic Wire Feedthroughs & Cable Harness Designs Allow Easy Connection To Exist Instrumentation

Space simulation facilities have the most challenging technical requirements and delivery time constraints of any type of vacuum system, and need a wire feedthrough, and cable harness manufacturer they can rely on. That's why every major space simulation facility in the world depends on our DuctorSeal®, PotCon® and hardwired hermetic wire feedthroughs, hermetic cable harnesses, and hermetic fiber optic feedthroughs. A broad range of design options include high-density wire harness packages and in-line quick disconnects, like our PBTR PotCon, that allow easy testing via existing instrument connectors. Expedited shipping options are also available. Contact us today to learn more. 

Ideal Applications

  • Fiber optic vacuum seal using a combination of multimode and single-mode fibers sealed in a conflat flange.
  • Non-hermetic cable harness assemblies for bench-top and in-vacuum use, built by our IPC-620 certified technicians.
  • Common configurations include multi-breakout, fused, filtered and shielded harnessing.
  • DuctorSeal thermocouple feedthroughs provide direct point-to-point wiring for the most precise thermal measurements.
  • Multi-connector PotCon Portplate flanges ship fully tested and ready to bolt onto the vacuum chamber. They achieve multiple quick electrical connection points through a single bulkhead hole with configurations for any connector or flange.
  • Complete NASA SSC A3 test stand Portplate assemblies, which can support more than 1,300 DuctorSeal and 40 PotCon discrete feedthroughs.
  • Mixed bundle DuctorSeal feedthrough for signal, thermocouple and power lines through a single vacuum chamber penetration.
  • Micro-D AlBeMet plate assembly for flight application.
  • RF-sealed PotCons for EMI chambers.
  • Cryogenic designs for temperatures down to -270°C (3 K).

Technical Advantages

  • Drop-in replacements to Deutsch DM5623 connectors.
  • Products include DuctorSeal, PotCon, OptiSeal™, StudSeal™, CircuitSeal™ and non-hermetic cable harnesses.
  • High frequency designs exceeding 18GHz.
  • High voltage designs exceeding 30kV.
  • Vacuum bake-out services available.
  • NASA certified low outgassing epoxy tested per ASTM E-595-93 (0.33% TML. 0.00% CVCM).
  • DuctorSeal hermetic feedthroughs seal directly to stranded wire, shielded cable, multi-conductor cable and thermocouple wires, minimizing voltage drops at connection points and a reducing the chance of wiring mistakes.
  • Connectors that can be hermetically-sealed include:
    • Industrial connectors from Amphenol, ITT, Tyco, Molex, Lemo and more.
    • Common Mil-Spec connectors such as Mil-C-5015, Mil-C-38999, Mil-C-26482, Mil-C-24308 (HDM and HDD D-Sub), Mil-DTL-83513 (Micro-D) and Mil-DTL-32139 (Nano-D).


White Paper:

The Six Challenges Of Specifying And Procuring Hermetic Feedthroughs For Space Simulation

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