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High-performance hermetic sealing and electric feedthrough connectors for the semiconductor industry

Our longstanding experience with semiconductor processing machinery allows us to design, manufacture and deliver high-performance hermetically sealed feedthroughs and engineered feedthrough subassemblies with the shortest lead times you'll find anywhere. Speak to our experts and learn more about our hermetic wire seals, hermetic sealing epoxy, and our electric feedthrough connectors for the semiconductor industry. 

Ideal Applications

  • Hermetically sealed feedthroughs bring multiple signal, power and air lines through a single vacuum chamber port to fully populated PCBs.
  • High-current power connections for processing chambers using 750-amp StudSeal™ feedthroughs.
  • Compact hermetic power and sensor seals for wafer transfer motor and drive systems.
  • Single or multiple optical fiber feedthrough for optical detection of wafer cassette position in load lock.
  • Pogo pin feed-through for quick and easy mating to contact pads on PCB. Connectorized wire side for quick and accurate installation.
  • Heated paddle subassemblies and multi-cable vacuum penetrations.

Technical Advantages

  • High vacuum containment with low-outgassing epoxy (0.33% TML, 0.00% CVCM).
  • Quick turnaround of hermetic feedthroughs, including those with complex cable harnesses and custom flange geometries.
  • Fully-tested turnkey subassemblies for wafer-processing equipment like ion etch tools, ion implant systems and in-line vacuum applications.
  • One hundred percent leak tested with typical leakage rates less than 1x10-9 cc-He/sec
  • Drop-in replacements for common feedthrough components.
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Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

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