Military Equipment

Hermetically Sealed Feedthroughs For Military Equipment

Defense contractors rely on our custom hermetic feedthroughs, potted Mil-Spec connectors and custom military harnesses, all of which have been engineered specifically for reliable performance in military environments.

Technical Advantages

  • ITAR-, DDTC-, DFARS-, Conflict Materials-, and ROHS-compliant assemblies.
  • Our hermetically sealed feedthroughs have the ability to transform standard non-hermetic connectors into hermetically sealed assemblies.
  • Military equipment is electrically and hermetically tested to ensure quality.
  • IPC-620 certified technicians provide the basic hermetic seal and cable harness work like labeling, bundling, twisting, shielding, filtering, solder and crimping.

Ideal Applications


  • Antenna feedthroughs for aircraft.
  • Hermetic sealing for rigid, flexible and hybrid bomb fuse circuit boards.
  • High-pressure fiber optic PotCon® feedthrough for hydraulic fluid level measurement.
  • Hermetic seal technology of cable harnesses keep moisture out of missile and munition control systems.
  • Military actuators for land, sea and air systems.
  • Power and signal leads for military fuel pump applications.
  • Oil debris detection systems on aircraft monitoring devices.
  • Upgrade penetrations in sealed military systems from IP68 to hermetic levels.

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Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

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