Magnetic Bearings

Hermetic wire feedthroughs to maximize magnetic bearing life and performance

Magnetic bearings operate most efficiently in vacuum or pressurized gas environments. Our hermetic electrical feedthroughs, hermetic wire feedthroughs, and hermetic cable harnesses and seals allow power, control and monitoring signals to flow in and out of magnetic bearings while maintaining this critical internal environment.

Ideal Applications

  • Magnetic bearing turbines.
  • Magnetic bearing compressors.
  • Magnetic bearing flywheels.

Technical Advantages:

  • Shielded conductors can be sealed directly to any vacuum flange.
  • Fiber optic cables can be hermetically sealed to a wide range of flanges.
  • Advanced dual-seal designs combine DuctorSeal® for hermetic vacuum sealing of flywheel power and JacketSeals™ to prevent transfer fluid leaks.
  • Direct sealing of shielded conductors reduces noise and increases signal integrity.

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Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

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