Electrical Power Distribution

Durable hermetic cable sealing for reliable power generation and distribution

To maintain the integrity of our electrical grid, power distribution equipment requires durable, effective custom electrical cable seals, and hermetic wire feedthroughs. We provide a wide range of technical solutions to protect switchgear, transformers, network protectors and other electrical equipment.

Ideal Applications

  • High-Voltage Switchgear. Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas-insulated switchgear needs pressure tight sealing to carry conductor wires in and out. Standard standoff SF6 gas containment mountings, along with special geometries for mounting conductor packages from single wire through 30-conductor cables, are part of what Douglas offers. We conduct 100% quality control testing on all shipments, including vacuum and pressure tests to ensure absolute gas containment.
  • Transformers. Our feedthroughs ensure that the dielectric oil stays where it belongs—inside the transformer casing. Our conductor packages range from 3 #12 AWG wires with 80-inch leads to 15 #10 AWG wires with 300-inch leads. Testing is conducted more than 100 psi to ensure compliance with customer requirements.
  • Network Protectors. Our hermetic wire sealing technology not only keeps flood waters and moisture out of sealed network protector housings but also employs an epoxy backpotting process to protect the conductors at the connector interface.
  • Magnetic Bearing Flywheels. Smart Grid energy regulation often relies on flywheel energy storage systems whose magnetic bearings benefit from our robust vacuum feedthroughs.
  • Power Generator Performance Monitoring. Hermetically seal the optical fibers used in the performance monitoring of hydrogen-filled power generators.

Technical Advantages

  • 5,000V AC feedthrough for use in switching equipment.
  • Brad Harrison equivalent hermetic NPT solution provides both waterproof connectorization and hermetic mounting.
  • Standard line of current transformer leads includes 5, 10 or 15 AWG #12 wires for CT outlets in a 1-inch NPT housing.
  • Current transformer leads sealed in industry-standard fittings and fully compatible with SF6, transformer oils and environments required by underground equipment.
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Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

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