StudSeal™ hermetic feedthroughs are used in vacuum or pressure applications where high current or high voltages penetrate a barrier. These customized connector seals allow for easy specification and mounting and are pretested.

The StudSeal hermetic feedthrough product family offers a selection of solid copper, heavy-current conductors sealed in standard housing styles and materials.

These hermetically sealed studs are primarily used for the transfer of power in and out of a sealed environment at operational loads of up to 1000 amps and 15kV.

StudSeal feedthroughs can seal high-pressure and high-vacuum environments. They are compatible with liquids and gases including refrigerants, oils, heat transfer fluids and jet fuels.

Sample configurations:

Radial o-ring compressor feedthroughs reduce customer install time while utilizing a low cost molded housing.

Motor power terminal feedthroughs with NPT or SAE studs work in compressors ranging in size from fractional horsepower to high-tonnage.

High current studs handle up to 1,000 amps to meet most of process power needs.

Quick-connect feedthrough transmits signals into a pressure chamber.

StudSeal Portplate assembly reduces installation time and leak paths in compressor and other industrial applications.

Multi-conductor busbar StudSeal assembly cuts installation time while enabling conductor bends not possible with threaded studs.

High voltage StudSeal assembly can withstand up to 25,000 volts.

Hybrid StudSeal-DuctorSeal feedthroughs reduce assembly time, electrical connections and cost in applications that require a connection point on just one side of the hermetic seal.

Hybrid StudSeal terminal flange assembly combines power studs and instrumentation terminals in a single feedthrough, providing all the electrical penetrations needed for a traditional compressor.

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Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

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