DuctorSeal® wire and cable assemblies incorporate custom wire harnesses in hermetically sealed feedthroughs that have been pre-wired and pre-tested.

DuctorSeal cable harnesses support many different combinations of connectors on the vacuum and atmospheric sides and can accommodate conductor counts of up to three thousand wires.

Epoxy sealed to eliminate all leaks—even in stranded wires—DuctorSeal assemblies feature precision-machined housings of aluminum, titanium, steel, brass, plastic or low outgassing epoxy. The seals are available with standard or custom bundles composed of wires and cables ranging in size from AWG 38 to 500 MCM.

DuctorSeal can withstand a range of operating environments, including vacuums from 1x10-10 Torr to pressures of 15,000 psi. Operating temperatures range from 4 K (LHe) through 200°C. High voltage and low cross-section wire feedthroughs operating up to 30kV-DC are also available.

Sample configurations:

Custom flanged DuctorSeal combines individual stranded copper conductors and shielded thermocouple cable with a low-outgassing epoxy potting material.

DuctorSeal plug-and-play cable harness assembly creates a high-integrity seal for the lead wires that pass into x-ray heads, preventing dielectric oil leaks.

Radial o-ring feedthrough provides quick and easy installation and can incorporate multiple o-rings for redundant sealing.

Ribbon-cable DuctorSeal packs a hermetic, IDC connector and Schrader valve into a custom radial o-ring end cap. This DuctorSeal ships pre-tested and ready for quick installation.

Dual hermetic seal feedthrough allows single or multiple conductors to penetrate two pressure bulkheads—for example, a vacuum or gas-filled container within a container filled with dielectric oil or heat transfer fluid.

High-voltage DuctorSeal can achieve test voltages in excess of 30,000 volts.

Right angle DuctorSeals save space by allowing cables to make an abrupt turn after exiting the pressure bulkhead.

High conductor count DuctorSeal seals more than 1,000 conductors inside a single penetration. DuctorSeal feedthroughs support conductor densities that would be impossible with traditional connectors.

DuctorSeal-Soldercup hybrid combines a low-cost molded housing design with a convenient soldercup connection at the bulkhead.

Explosion proof DuctorSeal are increasingly common in oil and gas applications that adhere to CSA, ATEX, IEC and US explosion proofing standards. Explosion proof wire feedthroughs are available with discrete NPT fittings, large ASME flanges and custom flange designs.

Shielded cable DuctorSeal can mix coaxial, triaxial, twisted shielded pairs and other shielded cables in a single compact penetration. In addition to creating tight hermetic seals, DuctorSeal designs improve electrical performance by passing uninterrupted shielding through the seal area.

Cryogenic DuctorSeals operate at temperatures as low as 4K (-269ºC) and support a wide variety of wire bundles.

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Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

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