Integrated Epoxy Feedthroughs Improve Fuel Pump Reliability

Of all the design decisions that affect the operation of an in-tank fuel pump, the way you seal the pump housing may top the list. A bad seal will allow liquid fuel to work its way into the housing, which will eventually corrode the electronics and potentially cause a risk of fire. Given the importance of these seals, it’s surprising that many self-contained fuel delivery systems still use o-ring assemblies to seal the power and signal leads that pass though fuel pump housing.

A more effective way to seal fuel pump wiring involves the use of epoxy-based feedthrough technology. Epoxies have a number of advantages in these applications—not least of which is best-of class resistance to all common fuels and other chemicals. The use of epoxy wire feedthroughs for fuel pumps isn’t exactly new. We’ve shipped more than a million fuel pump feedthroughs for all kinds of automotive, commercial aviation, aerospace, heavy equipment, recreational vehicle and small engine applications.

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