Special Products

We engineer quick turn, custom sealing solutions and replacements for legacy seal designs. These custom sealing solutions address a variety of challenging operating conditions, including:

  • Cryogenic.
  • High Frequency.
  • High Temperature.
  • High Voltage.

Sample configurations:

High voltage feedthrough used in metal ion implantation system.

Terminal header feedthrough for quick coupling to a PCB.

High frequency PotCon® feedthrough good to 18 GHz.

Multi-conductor harnesses for power and signal transmission with lead lengths up to 150 feet and more than 8,000 wires through a single flange.

Air conditioning charge sensor to detect leakage of refrigerant.

Ultra high vacuum (UHV) feedthrough with leakage rates <1x10-10 cc He/sec. Available in stud, wire feedthrough and PotCon configurations.

Coaxial NPT wire feedthrough seals high frequency coaxial cable at high pressures.

Cryogenic solutions operate at temperatures as low as 3K (-270°C).

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Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

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