Create hermetic circuit board seals with CircuitSeal™. As the only true hermetic sealing solution for boards, CircuitSeal is ideal for high-volume applications with space or weight constraints.

Directly sealing the circuit board eliminates potential failure points at the electrical connection and allows for increased conductor density while providing a smaller, lighter and less expensive solution. CircuitSeal works on a variety of circuit board styles including flex, rigid, hybrid and flat flex cable (FFC).

Hermetically sealed circuit boards are useful for projects with complex computations. They are also significant in applications that require light and compact sealing methods like missiles or bomb fuses.

Sample configurations:

Flat flex cable feedthroughs provide low cost and high conductor density for laser applications.

Hybrid PCB CircuitSeal-DuctorSeal® helps detect metal flakes in the military vehicle oil systems. The DuctorSeal eliminates an electrical connection point, simplifying the assembly and reducing installation time and cost.

Pogo pin feedthroughs offer quick and easy mating to PCB contact pads. The wire side is also connectorized for quick and accurate install.

Seals for fully populated rigid PCB board provide multiple signal, power and air lines through a single port on the vacuum chamber.

Rigid-flex CircuitSeals reliably seal complex electrical packages based on PCBs that combine flexible and rigid substrates.

Hybrid flex PCB CircuitSeal-PotCon® connects flex circuits to traditional computer connectors for low-profile hermetic sealing solution.

Terminal header feedthrough connects to a mating PCBs on either side of a hermetic seal, providing a low-profile alternative to traditional wire feedthroughs.

Connector and PCB backpotting hermetically seals the connector and provides the electrical insulation the PCB needs—in this case, for use in an Argon environment.

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Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

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