Medical Equipment

Customized hermetic feedthroughs for lab and imaging devices

Our range of hermetic seals and feedthroughs addresses a range of medical and laboratory systems—including x-ray equipment, hyperbaric chambers, medical lasers, spectrum analyzers, autoclaves and centrifuges.

Ideal Applications

  • BNC connector backpotting protects power connections from ingress of dielectric fluids.
  • Direct hermetic sealing of ribbon cable into end cap potting allows quick installation as well as elimination of components and subassemblies.
  • High power hermetic seals for medical and dental x-ray heads.

Technical Advantages

  • 100% electrical and hermetic testing.
  • Available in StudSeal™, DuctorSeal®, CircuitSeal™ and PotCon® configurations.
  • Full prototyping and quick turn manufacturing.