Instrumentation and Control Systems

Easy-to-assemble sealed connectors for sensors and electronic controls.

Every year, we design and deliver hundreds of thousands of application-specific sealed connectors for sensor and control systems. Available with or without full wire harnesses, these custom sealed connectors typically incorporate ease-of-mounting features that help keep assembly costs low. Our sealed connectors are engineered to withstand pressures as high as 15,000 psi and voltages up to 35kV.

Technical Advantages

  • Up to 2-inch NPT wire feedthroughs to accommodate large numbers of power leads.
  • Ability to seal power, signal, coaxial and fiber optics in a single bulkhead fitting.
  • Can seal any flange material or geometry, often using customer-supplied flanges.

Ideal Applications

  • Coaxial NPT wire feedthrough seals high frequency coaxial cable operating at high pressures.
  • Faston quick connect feedthrough for transmitting signals into a pressure chambers.
  • Miniature sealed wire harness assembly to protect sensitive aircraft GPS from moisture and condensation.
  • Sealed fiber optic feedthrough prevent condensation on the inside of a domed roadway monitoring camera.
  • Two pin terminal seal monitor refrigerant charge in air conditioning systems.