Glove Box

Failsafe sealing for nuclear, medical and laboratory glove boxes

To protect their operators or contents, glove boxes need reliable, failsafe seals. We've provided those seals for a range of glove box applications, including inert atmosphere containment in nuclear fueling devices and biohazard material handling in research labs.

Technical Advantages

  • DuctorSeal®, PotCon® and custom wire feedthrough designs for use in glove box applications.
  • Epoxy seals can withstand hot nuclear environments.
  • Pushthrough PotCon designs enable connectors to be replaced without breaking the chamber seal or contaminating the outside environment.
  • Electrically and hermetically tested for long-term performance.

Ideal Applications

  • Easy-to-implement NEMA 5-15 feedthroughs for 120V power.
  • Cat6 PotCon carries Ethernet data signal in and out of chamber.
  • Lab feedthrough custom designed for wide range of American and Canadian government labs—including LANL, LLNL, PNL, SRNL, Oak Ridge, Ames, INL, SLAC, Brookhaven, AECL and Fermi.