Reliable, low-cost hermetic sealing for sensor and control systems

Our custom feedthroughs and sealed connectors allow power and signal to pass into sealed electronics cavities in automotive sensing and control systems. Each year, we deliver hundreds of thousands of these custom sealing solutions, which have been engineered for cost reduction, reliability and ease-of-assembly.

Ideal Applications

  • Air conditioning charge sensor used to detect leakage of refrigerant.
  • In-tank pump applications for pressure, temperature and pump power.
  • Gasoline, LPG, CNG, LNG and biodiesel tank feedthroughs for in-tank pump power and sensors.
  • DuctorSeal® vacuum penetration for kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS).
  • PotCon® and StudSeal™ hermetic feedthroughs for on-road lithium liquid metal polymer batteries.

Technical Advantages

  • Pressure range from from 5 to 15,000 psi, with leakage rates less than 1x10-9 cc-He/sec.
  • Support for manufacturing volumes from prototype to full production.
  • Application-specific mounting and housing options, including the ability to hermetically seal directly to the pump casting.
  • Sealed connectors and circuit boards, both with and without cable harnessing.