Alternative Energy Systems

Robust hermetic seals for power and signal connections

Hermetic feedthroughs are an increasingly important enabling technology in a variety of alternative energy applications—including smart grids, wind turbines, wave power systems, lithium batteries, hybrid vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles, solar energy and magnetic bearing flywheels.

Ideal Applications

  • Connector-to-wire feedthroughs using custom connectors and fused harnesses for smart grid infrastructures.
  • Radial o-ring seals used for energy recovery in magnetic bearing flywheels.
  • Magnetic bearing feedthroughs for wind turbines application.
  • Hermetic vacuum seals for power and control cables in flywheel energy storage systems.
  • Sealed electronic circuitry in wave and tidal power systems.
  • Vacuum feedthroughs for photovoltaic panel manufacturing.
  • Power transfer and performance monitoring for argon-filled lithium ion batteries.

Technical Advantages

PotCon®, DuctorSeal® cable harness assembly, CircuitSeal™, StudSeal™ and hybrid designs are all available for use in alternative energy systems.

  • One hundred percent testing for leak and electrical performance.
  • Custom engineered sealing systems tailored to specific application requirements.
  • Pressure ranges from 1x10-9 Torr to 15,000psi.